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Bill Walton’s best moments during the national championship game

Here’s everything you missed if you weren’t watching ESPNU.

Monday night’s national championship game between Alabama and Clemson was pretty good, but Bill Walton’s performance on ESPNU was truly excellent.

Walton, who doesn’t know a ton about football, joined several other ESPN talking heads to watch the game and shoot the breeze. He wound up spending more time asking questions about football than he did providing any sort of insight. 

It was a real roller coaster ride. He began the night in an Uncle Sam costume, asking Michelle Beadle to stop by his game later, and finished it in a tye-dye shirt, smiling as Clemson scored a late go-ahead touchdown.

Here’s everything you missed if you weren’t watching ESPNU:

Bill Walton invites Michelle Beadle to his room

Says he likes to get high

Not sure what is going on as the game nears halftime

Marijuana rant

Some weird dance with Marcellus Wiley or something

Outfit change

Asks where Clemson is

Randomly shouts “Go, go, go, touchdown!”

Pretends to be mad over no-call


Watches Clemson’s game-winning score

Leaves set as soon as game ends, leaves everyone hanging

It was truly a grand night. Here’s to hoping they bring this crew back for a future game.