Red Sox fans sent into a frenzy by a David Ortiz tweet that said absolutely nothing

David Ortiz pulled an A-Rod and tried to steal the spotlight on Monday night...sort of.
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All was quiet in Boston on Monday night. Patriots fans were getting ready to doze off and dream of Tom Brady’s fifth Super Bowl ring, and most of the city was watching a national championship game it had little to no stake in.

That was when David Ortiz dropped an absolute bomb on the world: At. Boston. Globe.

Seriously. He went there! What did it mean? Did he mean to tell the Boston Globe he was coming out of retirement? That he was opening up a deli? Was he upset over an article which he forgot to reply to?

The possibilities were endless (well, maybe not that endless), and Red Sox fans couldn’t handle it.

Even the Globe leaned forward in its chair.

One of the best pocket tweets ever. Peter Gammons would be so proud.

– Kenny Ducey