Not very cool of you, Klayton.

By Extra Mustard
January 13, 2017

By now, you know that Stephen Curry’s pregame warmups are a sight to behold. Fans file into Oracle Arena hours in advance to watch the Warriors point guard dribble around multiple basketballs, chuck shots from 50 feet away, and act like a total goof.

Well, Klay Thompson ruined all of that on Thursday. Curry was about to give the fans a grand finale, kicking a soccer ball like it was a football. Silly Steph, that’s a basketball, not a soccer ball!

Klayton picked up the ball like a total goon.

Come on man. Where the hell is your team spirit. This is exactly why the Warriors are in total disarray. Draymond probably chewed him out for this.

– Kenny Ducey

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