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“If he had played the play, then there’s no penalty. Once you played the play with 12 players.”

By Kenny Ducey and Extra Mustard
January 17, 2017

New York sports word spouter Mike Francesa really outdid himself on Tuesday, using the word “play” 24 times in a 54-second span while discussing some meaningless early penalty on Brice Butler during Sunday’s epic Cowboys–Packers game.

Somehow, some callers wanted to talk about this bizarre penalty called on Butler for entering and leaving the huddle. That led Mike Francesa to talk about him theoretically “playing the play” like a million times. Honestly, I lost him after the fifth “play.”

This 71-second clip below from heroic listener “Sports Funhouse” combines two separate calls about the penalty in which he used some form of the word play a whopping 33 times. You will die laughing.

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When Benedict Arnold is Benedict Arnold, he’s Cornwallis. And when Cornwallis is Cornwallis, he’s Alexander the Great.

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