Mike Francesa’s best moments of 2016

Once again, it’s time to count down the absolute funniest moments from Mike Francesa’s radio show this year.
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Once again, it’s time to count down the absolute funniest moments from Mike Francesa’s radio show this year.

The New York sports talk radio host and cult hero managed to incite hysteria hundreds of times, whether it be providing live commentary on sporting events or tearing down the newest pop culture phenomenon.  

In 2015, we ran through the best callers, so this year we’re going to look at the best moments overall. According to Francesa himself, 2016 marks the penultimate year of his WFAN radio program, which is a damn shame. Let’s take a moment to appreciate all he’s given us over the past 12 months.

10. Somehow brags about snowblowing skills for over three minutes

9. Craps on “Eddie in Queens” for sharing touching memory from 1961

8. Discusses new breast pump stations at Yankee Stadium

“So that’s great!”

7. Displeased that we put Lionel Messi on our cover

“One...two...three...four...five...six...seven...eight...nine...ten...eleven pages!”

6. Rants about the death of Harambe

5. Reports year-old news that Zack Wheeler has a torn UCL after seeing a flashback on TV

4. Disagrees with Terry Collins letting Kevin Plawecki bat, Plawecki gets a hit minutes later

“With DUDER on deck?”

And then Plawecki got a hit.

3. Upset Peyton Manning’s first kiss was Papa John

He actually has a point.

2. The Rick DiPietro beef

DiPietro called Francesa a “fatso,” so he shot back: “You’re you, and I’m Gordie Howe.”

1. Mike calls Jalen Adams’s buzzer-beater live

Gimme that long court look again.

BONUS: Mike knows lots of people for a very long time

A tip of the cap to @SportsFunhouse.