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Why does Felix Hernandez own a Yankees World Series ring? (UPDATE: It’s fake)

Why does Felix Hernandez own a Yankees World Series ring from 2000?

Police in the Seattle area recently busted a massive burglary ring that they say robbed 123 homes, including that of Mariners ace Felix Hernandez. 

Among the items swiped from Hernandez’s place were a watch engraved with his “King Felix” nickname and a 2000 New York Yankees World Series ring.

Wait, what? How did he end up with that? We’ve got a couple of theories.

- Luis Sojo lost a bet.

- Hernandez attended ring day at Yankee Stadium as a kid in 2001.

- Ramiro Mendoza and Felix Hernandez are the same person.

- A clubhouse attendant confused him for Orlando Hernandez.

- Luis Polonia slept over and forgot it in Hernandez's home.

- Chuck Knoblauch tried to toss it in his safe deposit box but the throw went terribly awry. 

- The sad reality is that Hernandez will never be able to win one with the Mariners.

UPDATE: It turns out the ring is a replica that the Yankees gave away to fans on July 19, 2015, the New York Daily News discovered. Where was Felix Hernandez that day? Pitching against the Yankees. You get the same ring on eBay for the low, low price of $23.99