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Goalkeeper sent off for peeing on the field, manager can’t understand why

His manager tried to argue that it’s not against the rules. 

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It might have been more deserving of a yellow card, but a goalkeeper in a soccer game in Scotland this weekend was shown a red card for walking behind his goal to pee. 

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Gary Whyte, the keeper for Glasgow junior team Shettleston FC, was sent off in the 73rd minute of his team’s game against Shotts Bon Accord because he just really needed to go. 

“He was ready to take his by kick and he shouted over to the linesman that he needed the toilet,” manager John Fallon Jr. told The Scottish Sun“The linesman said to him, ‘We can’t stop play.’ Before he took his goal kick, he ran behind the goals and went up to the wall to do a pee. Then he came back on and the referee has sent him off.”

While many of us might think it pretty reasonable that referee determined Whyte should hit the showers for relieving himself during play, his manager doesn’t agree. 

“I think he’s trying to put it under foul and abusive language,” Fallon said of the ref’s decision. “There’s nothing about it in the rule book so we’re all a bit confused.”

It may not be against the rules of the day, but it is illegal in Scotland. Getting caught urinating in public will subject you to a £50 fine.