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Video: Cricket streaker’s near escape foiled by tumble over wall

A heroic streaker nearly escaped. Instead, he got slammed to the pavement. 

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Full-nude streaking has gone out of vogue in North America, but it’s apparently still quite popular in the southern hemisphere. And thank god it is. 

During Monday’s Australia-New Zealand cricket match, a fan dashed across the pitch wearing absolutely nothing at all—not even shoes. He managed to evade security and was this close to hopping over the boundary and running to safety through an open gate, but then he tripped while hurdling the boundary and got slammed to the pavement. 

What the videos can’t quite capture is the brave man’s spirit. He looks like the most dignified streaker of all time. 


New Zealand won the match, if anyone still bothered to pay attention after the excitement was over. 

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