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The best prop bets for Super Bowl LI

Here's a list of the prop bets available for Super Bowl LI.

The Super Bowl is the biggest sports gambling event of the year. According to the Nevada Gaming Control Board, $132,545,587 was wagered on Super Bowl 50 in Nevada alone. 

A lot of this money comes in on standard bets, like taking a team against the spread or the over/under of total points scored. But for people looking to roll the dice on something a little more offbeat, there are enough prop bets offered to keep you busy from the coin flip to the trophy ceremony. 

Here are some of the best prop bets available for Super Bowl LI, according to OddsShark. A complete list can be found here

Coin toss: Heads -105, Tails -105

Over/Under duration of Luke Bryan's rendition of U.S. national anthem:  Over 2:15 -120, Under 2:15 -120

Luke Bryan will wear blue jeans while singing U.S. national anthem: Yes -200, No +150

Over/Under times "Trump" is said on the broadcast: Over 1.5 -120, Under 1.5 -120

Halftime show: Which song will Lady Gaga sing first?: Born This Way +225, Bad Romance +250, Edge of Glory +600, Poker Face +1000, Just Dance +1000, Any Other Song +110

First touchdown scorer: Julio Jones (ATL) +750, Devonta Freeman (ATL) +800, Julian Edelman (NE) +800, LaGarrette Blount (NE) +800, Tevin Coleman (ATL) +1200, Chris Hogan (NE) +1200, Dion Lewis (NE) +1200, Martellus Bennett (NE) +120, Mohamed Sanu (ATL) +1400, Taylor Gabriel (ATL) +1600, James White (NE) +1800, Malcolm Mitchell (NE) +1800, Austin Hooper (ATL) +2200, Danny Amendola (NE) +2200, Tom Brady (NE) +2500, Matt Ryan (ATL) +2800, Justin Hardy (ATL) +3300, Levine Toilolo (ATL) +3300, Eric Weems (ATL) +6600, Joshua Perkins (ATL) +6600, Any Other Touchdown Scorer +550

The first score of the game will be a: Patriots Touchdown +175, Patriots Field Goal +325, Patriots Safety +3300, Falcons Touchdown +190, Falcons Field Goal +375, Falcons Safety +3300

The first enforced penalty of the game will be a: False Start +260, Offside or Encroachment or Neutral Zone Infraction +400, Holding +250, Pass Interference +550, Any Personal Foul or Unsportsmanlike Conduct +900, Delay of Game +600, Any Other Penalty +600, No Penalty in the game +3300

The Super Bowl MVP will be: Tom Brady (NE) +160, Matt Ryan (ATL) +275, Julio Jones (ATL) +750, Julian Edelman (NE) +1200, LeGarrette Blount (NE) +200, Field +2000, Dion Lewis (NE) +2500, Devonta Freeman (ATL) +2500, Chris Hogan (NE) +2500, Tevin Coleman (ATL) +3300, Vic Beasley (ATL) +3300, Mohamed Sanu (ATL) +4000, Logan Ryan (NE) +5000, Martellus Bennett (NE) +5000

What will the Super Bowl MVP mention first after he is presented the trophy?: Team/Teammates +200, Coach +900, Owner +900, God +200, Family +900, Donald Trump +2000, Does not mention any of the above +250

If Patriots win, will Brady, Belichick or Kraft be seen shaking Roger Goodell's hand on TV?: Yes -150, No +110

The color of the liquid poured on the Super Bowl winning coach will be: Clear/Water +300, Lime/Green +300, Yellow +300, Orange +300, Red +500, Blue +750, Purple +1000

Over/Under Tom Brady total passing yards: Over 305½ -125, Under 305½ -105

Over/Under Matt Ryan total passing yards: Over 310½ -125, Under 310½ -105

The player with the most total rushing yards in the game will be: Devonta Freeman (ATL) +140, LeGarrette Blount (NE) +150, Dion Lewis (NE) +300, Tevin Coleman (ATL) +350

The player with the most total receiving yards will be: Julio Jones (ATL) +175, Julian Edelman (NE) +200, Chris Hogan (NE) +600, Taylor Gabriel (ATL) +750, Mohamed Sanu (ATL) +1000, Devonta Freeman (ATL) +1200, Martellus Bennett (NE) +1400, Tevin Coleman (ATL) +1600, Dion Lewis (NE) +1600, James White (NE) +1600, Austin Hooper (ATL) +2500

What will be higher on Super Bowl Sunday?: Patriots Total Points Scored -140, Russell Westbrook Points Scored EVEN