Watch: Bees swarm cricket match and it's an absolute nightmare

The players immediately hit the ground.
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A nightmarish scene played out during a cricket match between Sri Lanka and South Africa on Saturday in Johannesburg.

Bees—hundreds, perhaps thousands of mean, mean bees—swarmed the field, stopping the match for more than 10 minutes. Players from both teams hit the ground immediately, because I guess that's the best way to avoid pissing off a swarm of bees. 

The images are terrifying; look how many damn bees there were!  Remember, bees have stingers and they do not speak English nor Sinhalese, so the poor players couldn't just politely tell them to go away. Eventually, officials had to bring out a fire extinguisher-type thing and sprayed repellant around the field. 

What's most impressive here is that not one of the players freaked out or started running around aimlessly. I, for one, would have been screaming.

The takeaway: cricket players are tough.