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Gisele shows photo skills with pic in MMQB weekly column

Gisele shows off photo skills with pic of Brady and Peter King.

In perhaps, the strangest (or greatest, depending on your taste) photo credit in Sports Illustrated's great history, supermodel Gisele Bundchen took her turn behind the camera (or cell phone) to capture a picture of her husband New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and editor-in-chief Peter King. 

The picture was taken this weekend in Montana while King was interviewing Brady for his weekly column. You too, can wear a Tom Brady celebratory Super Bowl shirt. We like this "Roger That" Brady GOAT t-shirt and this shirt with Brady's face on it

Of course, the caption and credit below the photo is by Gisele Bundchen for the MMQB.

It is not clear if this was a paying gig for Bundchen, who made $30.5 million in earnings last year, according to Forbes.

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