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It’s a spring tradition. 

By Dan Gartland and Extra Mustard
February 14, 2017

What was that you smelled this morning? Was it a distant scent wafting from Florida and Arizona? Ah, baseball. Or, at least, something approximating baseball.

Every spring, baseball reporters provide proof that players are doing something like baseball by tweeting photographs. Only, the low winter sun makes photography difficult and the pictures turn out terribly. It may sound terrible, but it’s a welcome sight for die-hard baseball fans. 

This year is a World Baseball Classic year, so spring training is getting started early. That means we get to enjoy these poorly composed photographs a week earlier than usual.

(Use this song as a soundtrack for the full effect.)

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If your eyes are bleeding after that, Tampa Bay Times photographer’s Will Vragovic’s crystal clear shots are the perfect antidote. 

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