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DJ Swearinger is officially 25, not 27 years old

The Elias Sports Bureau had his birthday wrong by two years. 

Here's a weird story. 

You're likely familiar with the Elias Sports Bureau, the be-all and end-all for historical sports statistics and data. But Elias has another important function; they supply countless sports websites with athletes' birthday information. Whatever birthday Elias has on record for an athlete is the birthday that will show up on his profile on various sites. This is almost never an issue, as Elias is remarkably accurate with this sort of thing. 

But Elias got it wrong with free agent safety D.J. Swearinger, who spent the last two seasons with the Cardinals. The site initially said that Swearinger was 27 years old, but he is actually 25 years old. 

It's likely that NFL front offices knew Swearinger's actual age, so the blunder was unlikely to have any substantial effect on his prospects of signing somewhere. But still, it's nice for Swearinger to know that the entire world knows his true age. 

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-Daniel Rapaport