What is that outfit!

By Daniel Rapaport and Extra Mustard
February 23, 2017

Justin Bieber apparently showed up to Venice Beach to play some pick-up basketball. 

He was first spotted in Beverly Hills looking like 2004 Eminem had a child with Steve Urkel.

I'm not hating on the dude, he was looking to get a run in. 

Now, Bieber could have gone to any of Southern California's fine indoor gyms to satisfy his desire for buckets. But no, no no no no, he needed to go to Venice Beach, the single most tourist-ey and tacky place in all of Los Angeles.

Biebs and the skinny jean-wearing ball handler form quite the one-two punch. 

He's begging to be seen and, frankly, I'm obliging him by writing this article.

I'll see myself out. 

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