Thursday's P.M. Hot Clicks: Robyn Lawley; NBA trade deadline updates

The NBA trade deadline is upon us, don't blink or you might miss something.
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Things are happening in the NBA


As I write this (1:23 p.m.), the NBA is in the midst of trade deadline madness. Since anything I write will feel old in 10 minutes, check out our live trade blog for the latest deals and rumors.

Bad judgment alert

Jameis Winston visited Melrose Elementary in St. Petersburg on Wednesday to give a "you can do anything" message to the students. He then asked the male students in the group to stand while telling the female students to stay seated. It went downhill from there.

How a UFC fighter pulled off the biggest bank heist ever

This is a great piece, both the story itself and the presentation. Give it a read.

Lovely Lady of the Day

Robyn Lawley is easily the hottest 6'2" Australian model I've ever come across and here are the photos to prove it (click for full-size gallery). 

Allen Iverson has the best rants

Move over, practice rant. Kyle Korver shared a story about former teammate Allen Iverson and it's just tremendous.

Kate Upton discusses her sex life

It's safe to say she's not always wishing Justin Verlander has a good outing.

NBA pics from the 1980s are the best

Kanye as Jesus

Odds & ends

Charles Oakley plans on attending a Knicks game, when they play in Cleveland ... Tony Hawk's best vacation spots ... Don't be surprised if your dollar bill has a new signature soon ... One of many Oscars previews you'll see this week ... Top six Conor McGregor quotes of all time ... Joel Embiid was sad to see Nerlens Noel go ... Some guy is eating a photo of Jason Segelevery day just to get his attention.

Dating tips from Nina Agdal

Happy Birthday, Aziz Ansari

What are the rules?

It's been six weeks and I still can't stop singing this song from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

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