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Tom Herman was once fired from Subway after he was caught stuffing his mouth with pastrami

He said he was “throwing” it in his mouth.

We often hear stories of prominent coaches and athletes working jobs outside of sports as kids, but they normally don’t end quite as messy as Texas coach Tom Herman’s did.

While in high school, Herman actually worked at Subway as one of those “sandwich artists” or whatever the hell they call them these days. Apparently, he was a very hungry young man and would literally eat away at the inventory until he was tragically caught one day with a mouth full of pastrami.

Here’s the story, from the Dallas Morning News:

"I used to love the pastrami," he says. "They had those big walk-in refrigerators. I was standing in there one day, with the door shut, just throwing pastrami in my mouth.

"It was like something out of a movie. I've got this bin of meat, throwing meat in my mouth, the door swings open and it's the owner.

"He goes, 'Get out. Don't come back.' "

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This is absolutely one of the best firing stories I've heard in some time. It's bad enough that the pastrami at Subway freaking gross, but the dude was “throwing” it into his mouth? From a “bin” of pastrami? If he’s got the stomach to handle that, he is truly fit to coach. More power to him.

– Kenny Ducey