A look at Jutstice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's gym workouts.

By Extra Mustard
February 27, 2017

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's health is considered important to many in the liberal political sphere. The 83-year-old’s longevity is crucial to the balance of the Court, given the current administration’s ability to replace her with a more conservative judge should she die or step down. But the two-time cancer survivor is still going strong, as Politico’s Ben Schreckinger recently found out when he recently met with her personal trainer to examine her workout regimen.

"Ginsburg usually works out with Johnson twice a week, on whatever days are mutually convenient, for about an hour per session. Normally, the workouts start around 7 p.m. at a gym inside the Supreme Court, and she listens to PBS NewsHour while she exercises. If the workout has to be squeezed in at another time, she will stoop to turning on cable news."

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Not "Levels" by Avicci. Not "Lose Yourself" by Eminem. RBG pumps iron to this:

According to the article, Ginsburg normally puts up 70 pounds on the bench press and also does 10 push-ups, leg curls, chest flies and lat pull-downs.

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