Watch: Kelly Olynyk has no time for trash fantasy leagues

The Celtics center thinks the commissioner of any fantasy basketball league that's already in the playoffs should be fired. 
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Athletes love to talk about how much they don't care or don't know about fantasy sports. For example, a surefire way to piss a running back off is to tell him that he's been disappointing fantasy owners this season.

When a TMZ reporter brought up fantasy to Celtics center Kelly Olynyk, one would expect a similar response. He told Olynyk that he was on his fantasy basketball team and that he needed a big performance out of him because the league was already in the playoffs. Instead of giving the unusual, vanilla "I don't care about fantasy" response, Olynyk actually weighed in. 

Olynyk thought being in the playoffs when there are still 20-ish games left in the season is ridiculous, and he let the TMZ guy know that the league should fire the commissioner. 

Olynyk ended up posting just 7 points, 2 rebounds and 1 assist, which doesn't help much fantasy-wise.