He sent him a gift for being a good sport about it. 

By Dan Gartland and Extra Mustard
March 06, 2017

Nigel Owens’s sharp sense of humor has made him the most beloved referee in European rugby. He’s been caught mic’d up admonishing players by telling them “this is not soccer” and had a good chuckle at his own expense after passport issues left him stranded at the airport.

He was up to his old tricks again on Sunday, jokingly giving a yellow card to the ball boy after an errant pass hit him square in the back. 

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The kid looked pretty bashful after being sent to the sin bin, so Owens decided to reward him for being a good sport.

Owens has 244,000 followers on Twitter, so he was able to get in contact with the ball boy. He said he’ll put the jersey in the mail as soon as he washes it. 

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