Baby reacts appropriately to being surrounded by mascots

Kids love mascots, right? Wrong. 
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With the ACC tournament in Brooklyn this year, the conference’s mascots took to the streets on Monday to take some promotional photos. They tried out New York’s bike-sharing program. They rode the subway. They met some cops. They walked past a woman with a stroller. 


This video of children getting mauled by mascots shouldn’t be this fun

The woman with the stroller surrendered her child to the mascots.


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Mascots are supposed to be cute, but 13-month-old Evelyn Robinson knows better—mascots, like birds, are scarier in large numbers. The Duke Blue Devil’s “Where’s Wall St.” headband should be enough to make a kid cry—couple that with the Demon Deacon’s dingy facial fur and the Cardinal lurking ominously in the back and you have a situation that would make anyone uncomfortable.