This mallet is used for smashing crabs. Then why is the crab holding it?

By Dan Gartland and Extra Mustard
March 09, 2017

It’s National Crab Meat Day, so the Aberdeen IronBirds announced a promotional gimmick this morning where they’ll change their name to Steamed Crabs for one game in August. Steamed Crabs was one of the names the franchise considered when it was created, so this is a pretty good idea for a promotion. 

Check out this logo, though. 

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Any Marylander will tell you that crabs are just as synonymous with mallets as they are with Old Bay seasoning. But do you know what the mallet is for? Cracking the crab open! 

Does this mean the crab is homicidal or suicidal? Angry mascots have become the norm in sports but rarely do they appear to threaten cannibalism. I suppose it is possible that the crab is wielding the mallet to defend itself from a hungry person, but that didn’t work because the team is serving crab cakes at the concession stands that night. 

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