What does this guy know?

By Dan Gartland and Extra Mustard
March 09, 2017

When Adam Schefter broke the news that the Texans were dumping Brock Osweiler off on the Browns he called it a “stunner.” It wasn’t stunning to Reddit user Crossfire912, though. 

On February 19, Crossfire912 posted a thread titled “Could the Browns Trade for Brock Osweiler?” and laid out every reason why it would make sense. Cleveland has more cap space than it could ever use and would love to stock up on draft picks, Sixers-style.

With that in mind, Crossfire912 speculated that Houston could send Osweiler and a third-rounder in exchange for a conditional seventh-round pick.

Could the Browns Trade for Brock Osweiler? from nfl
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That’s pretty damn close to the actual trade, in which the Browns got Osweiler, a second-round pick next year and sixth-rounder this year, while the Texans receive a fourth-round pick. 

But Crossfire912 can’t take all the credit for dreaming up this scenario. ESPN’s Bill Barnwell explained back in December why the Browns might be able to use their ample cap space “to essentially buy draft picks,” using Osweiler as an example. 

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