R.I.P. Clint Frazier’s flowing locks. 

By Dan Gartland and Extra Mustard
March 10, 2017

As a Yankees fan, I am not afraid to admit that the Yankees are exceptionally lame. Insulting their players and their fans is pretty bad, but so is the team’s Draconian grooming policy.

For a while, No. 2 prospect Clint Frazier was able to skirt around the Yankees’ rules against long hair and fans were excited by the idea that they might have a player with an identifiable characteristic for once. It might seem silly but it got plenty of attention from the New York press.

How could you not love this?

Getty Images

Well, the dream is dead. 

(Read the replies to that tweet if you want to see how Yankees fans are reacting this. Hint: not favorably.)

But wait, it gets worse!

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That’s insane. A distraction! Having a player cut his hair for being “distracting” and not for violating the rules is somehow exponentially more stupid than having the rule in the first place. I hope they trade him soon so he can carry on the fine tradition of former Yankees staying away from razors and scissors.  

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