That’s about a pound of cheese. 

By Extra Mustard
March 15, 2017

From Tom Brady’s steadfast refusal to eat a strawberry to Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s banana-mayonnaise sandwich, athletes have plenty of dietary quirks—so it takes a lot for an athlete’s eating habits to be truly shocking.

With that in mind, get a lot of this unholy sandwich sitting next to Mike Tyson.

Video games with @anwar. Thanks for the invite.

A post shared by Mike Tyson (@miketyson) on

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You can’t be serious. That looks like a full two pounds of cheese. At a certain point it just makes more sense to ditch the two pieces of white bread and fetch a fork and knife. No one in their right mind would ever eat a sandwich like that—and Tyson probably didn’t.

The guy he’s sitting with is social media celebrity Anwar Jibawi. You’ve probably never heard of him but after he was pictured with a gross sandwich on Mike Tyson’s Instagram, now you have. We all got played. 

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