Nigel Hayes nailed this one. 

By Dan Gartland and Extra Mustard
March 24, 2017

Getting to the Sweet 16 is a “been there, done that” situation for Wisconsin senior Nigel Hayes. It’s the fourth time his Badgers have gotten this far, so he’s earned the right to lodge mild complaints about where his team is playing.

Hayes’s first two Sweet 16s were in Anaheim and Los Angeles, followed by a trip last year to Philadelphia. This year they’re playing at Madison Square Garden and Hayes isn’t too psyched about having to spend his weekend in New York.

“I don’t really like New York,” Hayes said Thursday, according to the New York Daily News. “It’s too big, it’s dirty, there’s trash everywhere, too many people. It’s cold right now.”

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He’s absolutely right about all that, of course, especially the trash in the winter. I got out of the subway last night and was immediately hit by the stench of raw sewage. But to be fair, the Badgers look like they’re spending all their time in Midtown, which everyone agrees is the worst.

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