With so much change in the NFL, it’s nice to know Andy Reid’s wardrobe is not evolving. 

By Dan Gartland and Extra Mustard
March 27, 2017

It seems like the NFL has been turned on its head over the last year. The Rams, Chargers and Raiders all packed up and left their longtime homes; the Patriots almost lost a Super Bowl to a team other than the Giants; the league wants ban the only fun thing about field goals

In these trying times, we can take comfort in the one thing that has remained constant: Andy Reid’s sartorial choices at the NFL’s annual spring meetings. 

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Can you spot him in that photo? He’s wearing a Hawaiian shirt for approximately the hundredth time in a row. 

Seriously, all Andy Reid wears to these meetings are Hawaiian shirts. Here he is in 2013, and wearing the exact same shirt in 2014. He went with a bolder, redder look in 2015 but it’s a Hawaiian shirt nonetheless. Reid missed the 2016 meetings after undergoing knee surgery but he’s back and better than ever this year. Better yet, if you zoom in on the photo you can see he’s wearing the 2013/14 shirt

Andy Reid’s closet is like a port in a storm. 

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