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Is LaVar Ball really as bad at basketball as this video tries to make it seem?

This video tries really hard to make LaVar Ball look terrible. 

I think it’s safe to say that everyone wants to know what LaVar Ball looks like on a basketball court.

After Ball boasted that he could have beaten Michael Jordan (the basketball player, not the actor) one-on-one, it’s natural to wonder just how absurd that statement is. 

The video above won’t answer any questions, though, for a lot of reasons. First of all, it seems to be fairly recent. It’s impossible to tell how recent because the video appears to have been shot by a descendent of Abraham Zapruder but Ball is moving like an older guy, so this definitely isn’t a fair or accurate representation of how athletic he would have been as a younger player. Second, that’s not Michael Jordan—it’s just a dude in an MJ Wizards jersey. 

Most importantly, though, it’s quite clearly edited to just include Ball’s blunders. He gets stuffed on layup attempts. He struggles to handle passes in the post. He drifts back lazily on defense. He’s the biggest guy on the court but there are no examples of him swatting away shots or moving people around on the block. 

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Ball definitely wasn’t anywhere near as good as Jordan when he played at Washington State, but this video is really fishy. We deserve to see a video of his good plays, too, assuming such a thing exists.