In today's A.M. Clicks, the San Francisco Giants announce a Golden Urinal Award and a look at the lovely Emily Sears.

By Andy Gray
March 30, 2017

Giants unveil Golden Urinal award

Daniel Brown / Twitter

The San Francisco Giants are serious about hydration. So serious in fact, that the team will hand out a “Golden Urinal” trophy to the most hydrated player on the team. And they are calling it the M-V-Pee trophy. Speaking of urinals, let me take a little poll, because something bothers me at work but I can't tell if it's just me. Say you walk into the bathroom, there are three empty urinals, which do you pick? There is a correct answer. I'll explain in P.M. Clicks.

Brandon Marshall has a message for Jay Cutler

The internet had a good laugh at the Instagram photo of Jay Cutler's completely exposed rear end but what about a former teammate? Brandon Marshall was shown the photo and his reaction is priceless.

33 notes, quotes and anecdotes for WrestleMania 33

Did you know Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle once had a legit amateur wrestling match?

Lovely Lady of the Day

I've featured Emily Sears a bunch of times before but I came across this new set of bikini pics and figured it was worth another run. She's today's LLOD (click for full-size gallery).

Ohio State students take mac and cheese bath

I don't know why. I don't care why. These girls are rock stars.

Poor (original) Aunt Viv

The Fresh Price of Bel-Air cast reunited earlier this week and everyone loved it. Almost everyone, that is. Janet Hubert, who played Aunt Vivian for the first three seasons, was left out of the reunion in favor of Aunt Viv 2.0 and she was not happy about it.

The world's strongest coffee is now for sale in the U.S. 

Black Insomnia Coffee is four times stronger than your average cup of Starbucks.

Singapore's biggest Dirk fan

Northwestern will never forget the goaltending non-call

I still think The Undertaker will win

Odds & ends

Playing hockey while drunk is never a good idea ... I love how WWE wrestlers all want to beat up Floyd Mayweather. Baron Corbin is the latest ... I'm like a year behind on this but the 22 push up challenge is a good way to stay in shape and bring recognition to suicides in the military ... Indian weddings are a lot different than what I'm used to ... The Rock and Vin Diesel do not seem to like each other ... Could Tony Romo replace Phil Simms on NFL games for CBS?

Golf bowling looks fun

My new favorite MLB dog

The ref bungled this call

Story time with Jeff Van Gundy

John Legend performs at London train station. Not everyone is impressed.

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