In the debut of Traina Thoughts, Blake Griffin discusses flopping, A-Rod and J-Lo, McDonald's vs. Wendy's

By Jimmy Traina
April 03, 2017

1. So where was I? I was last with you fine people and on Oct. 18, 2013. Some of you may remember that I created this site’s “Hot Clicks” feature, which I was fortunate enough to write twice a day for seven glorious years. To say I had a blast, thanks to the readers, would be a huge understatement. Hot Clicks is still rolling along thanks to my good friend, Andy Gray, and will continue to roll along each morning. I’ll be writing a new column every weekday afternoon that will feature many of the same elements: Funny videos, funny tweets, commentary, gambling references, wrestling references and general nonsense. Just like with Hot Clicks, I want to hear from you. Your feedback is vital. Tell me what you want to see. Tell me what you don’t want to see. Send me funny links. Most importantly, though, make sure you check each afternoon to get your daily dose of “Traina Thoughts.” 

2. Clippers superstar (and future NSFW stand up comedian) Blake Griffin was kind enough to give this debut edition of “Traina Thoughts” some star power by answering 10 questions I sent him via e-mail.

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SI: Lonzo Ball vs. LeBron James: Who ya got and why?

BG: Lavar > Everyone.

SI: Who should win the MVP award?

BG: Russ. Never thought I would see someone do what he's doing. 

SI: Should the NBA make a rule to prevent healthy players from sitting out games?

BG: No. Teams would find a way around it. Can't prove someone doesn't have a migraine. Just saying…

SI: Do players from around the league secretly make fun of the Knicks?

BG: No. Every team has its own struggles.

SI: How often do NBA players practice flopping?

BG: Never  … say never.

SI: A new bill that is expected to be signed will allow Internet providers to sell personal information, including Web browsing date. What is the last thing you Googled?

BG: “How to clear Internet search history."

SI: Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez: How long will it last?

BG: Til the next Drake album comes out.

SI: What should Tiger Woods do about his hair? 

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BG: Fight the good fight. We all have our battles.

SI: Texas Rangers second baseman Rougned Odor negotiated two horses into his contract extension. What animal would you negotiate into your next contract and why?

BG: Couple of bald eagles. Is that legal?

SI: McDonald’s and Wendy’s recently got into a good Twitter beef. Which is the better fast food establishment and what’s your order?

BG: Wendy's Twitter account is a great follow, but can't beat McDonald’s Oreo McFlurry and/or apple pie.

3. My return to SI is nothing compared to all of the great WWE returns that happened at WrestleMania Sunday night. Kurt Angle is back. The Hardy Boyz are back. And the legendary Jim Ross is back.’s Justin Barrasso spoke to Good Ole J.R. after he called The Undertaker-Roman Reigns match and got the details on his new deal with WWE. And Fox Sports’ Sam Gardner spent the weekend with Ross and chronicled how the broadcaster is handling the tragic death of his wife, Jan, and his comeback with WWE.

4. Staying with the “returns” theme, Major League Baseball is back. Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh welcomed the national pastime with this bizarre tweet.

5. Full disclosure: Dom Bonvissuto is a fellow employee and a friend, but you should still check out this great piece he did on the best MLB T-shirts for all 30 teams in honor of Opening Day. 

6. Rob Gronkowski is still hyped from his surprise WrestleMania appearance. The Patriots tight end "stole" Tom Brady's jersey during first-pitch ceremonies at Monday's Red Sox home opener. Hijinks and a roll in the grass ensued.

7. Social media has taken some of the juice away from “Hard Knocks,” but the show is still great. Luckily, it was announced today that it will be back for four more years.

8. If you read Hot Clicks during my tenure, you know that I’m a huge Mike and the Mad Dog fan. My colleague, Richard Deitsch, has some new details on the upcoming ESPN 30-for-30 documentary on the popular New York radio hosts.

9. I’m still not sure if John Cena’s proposal to girlfriend, Nikki Bella, at WrestleMania, was “real” or “fake.” Or in wrestling terms, a “work” or a shoot.” It was all over the Internet for a week that Cena was going to propose, so that made me think it could be a storyline thing. However, the duo is selling the engagement hard today, so who knows. Either way, Cena’s social media announcement of the news was very well done.

10. Indians’ second baseman Jason Kipnis wrote an excellent piece for The Player’s Tribune on what a player goes through when his team blows a 3-1 series lead. Cleveland’s World Series loss to the Cubs was especially hard for Kipnis, who is a Chicago native and lives there in the offseason.

11. Today is Eddie Murphy’s 56th birthday. “Delirious” and “Raw” remain the two greatest stand-up shows I’ve ever seen. If you’ve never seen them, stop reading this now (it’s the end of the column, anyway) and get your ass to Netflix, ASAP. If you have seen them, stay here and re-live Murphy’s amazing and NSFW “ice cream man” routine.

12. Please forgive me for doing this, but I have to spread the word about this new column. Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. Follow SI’s Extra Mustard on Twitter and Facebook.

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