Video: Very good dog interrupts soccer game and evades capture for seven minutes

They were just trying to play soccer but the dog had other ideas. 
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Soccer is, by far, the sport most frequently interrupted by dogs, and this game Sunday in England between Halesowen Town and Skelmersdale United is just the latest example. 

The match was put on hold for a full seven minutes while everyone in the park pulled out all the stops in an attempt to corral the pesky pooch. 

They tried pure speed. 


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They tried the classic “here, boy.” 


They even brought out a child with a snack for the dog, but somehow that failed. 


In the end, the dog just tired itself out and a player was able to grab its collar. 


Astonishingly, they let go of the dog’s collar and it just left the field of its own accord, waltzing off like nothing happened.