A 19-year-old Patriots fan says his tip helped the FBI find Tom Brady's stolen Super Bowl jerseys. 

By Extra Mustard
April 05, 2017

By now, you're probably familiar with the story. Tom Brady's jersey went missing after the Super Bowl. The NFL and FBI investigated, working with several other agencies to track down Brady's uniform from Super Bowls XLIX and LI. Authorities located the stolen jerseys in Mexico. The FBI hand-delivered the jerseys to Patriots owner Bob Kraft. Gronk jokingly stole it from Brady on Red Sox Opening Day. It's the NFL off-season story that keeps on giving. 

And there's another twist: A 19-year-old Patriots fan from Seattle says his tip helped investigators find the jersey

That fan, Dylan Wagner, spoke to CBS Boston and detailed his role in the investigation. Wagner, who collects sports memorabilia, apparently sold the alleged thief, Martin Mauricio Ortega, a jersey on eBay last December. The two shared photos of their jersey collections, and Wagner noticed something strange—Tom Brady's jersey from Super Bowl XLIX. 

Wagner showed the photo to a friend who works as an ATF agent, and he got back in touch after this year's Super Bowl when Brady said his jersey was missing, according to CBS Boston. When it was announced that Brady's Super Bowl XLIX jersey was also stolen, Wagner had a hunch. 

Watch: Tom Brady receives missing Super Bowl jerseys from Robert Kraft

"I knew exactly who had it," Wagner told CBS Boston. He said he gave investigators two addresses to search. 

The FBI and Mexican authorities recovered both jerseys from Ortega, who was a credentialed member of the international media at the Super Bowl. 

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