They look like father and son. 

By Dan Gartland and Extra Mustard
April 05, 2017

Words—and even numbers like 6'8", 282 pounds—fail to accurately illustrate just how incomprehensibly enormous Yankees rookie Aaron Judge is. It’s probably best to just let the visuals do the talking. 

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That’s Judge congratulating Ronald Torreyes after the diminutive infielder drove in his mammoth teammate with a two-run homer. Judge makes anyone in his presence look shrimpy but the discrepancy is even more pronounced with Torreyes, who’s listed at just 5'8", 151 pounds. 

AP Photo

It is impossible to overstate how bad this Adam Wainwright pitch was

With so much young talent in the system, this is an exciting year for Yankees fans. But even if the team disappoints on the field, at least fans can look forward to a full year of Judge and Torreyes looking like father and son. 

Getty Images

This is absolutely my favorite subplot of the 2017 MLB season, even ahead of C.C. Sabathia’s rapid hat usage. I cannot wait until Judge hits a double against the Astros and has to stand on second base towering over Jose Altuve. 

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