Of course Kevin Garnett’s long-dormant Twitter account is full of righteous trash talk

What else did you expect from the NBA’s biggest mouth?
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I don’t know why it took us this long to realize Kevin Garnett adapted his legendary penchant for trash talk to fit the social media era. 

Garnett briefly experimented with Twitter for seven months in 2013, but what a glorious experiment it was. KG started off by just posting dozens of generic inspirational quotes. At some point he realized that he could use Twitter to needle his opponents away from the court and started throwing barbs. This went largely unnoticed until people started digging up his tweets again this week. 

His first victim was Al Horford—a pretty mild jab, but a good place to start. 

Once the playoffs rolled around, though, KG really hit his stride. The Celtics lost to the Knicks in the first round that year—that’s how long ago this was—and it was a heated series. After staving off elimination in Game 4, Garnett went after Carmelo Anthony. 

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The Celts won again in Game 5 and Garnett gloated afterwards. 

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The morning of Game 6 brought a couple of solid burns against two Knicks bench players... 

...and one reminder about some long-simmering beef.

This one dates back to January 2013, when KG ran his mouth about Melo’s wife and Jordan Crawford re-ignited the flames during a scrum after Game 5. (The Urban Dictionary definition of “Eskimo brother” may be helpful here.)

Even after the Celtics were eliminated by the Knicks, Garnett kept the barbs coming.

Then there’s this one, which I think is a quip about Chris Bosh’s sexuality?

Perhaps most interestingly, a couple of Garnett’s tweets take aim at Ray Allen. Rajon Rondo’s recent comments about Allen show that Celtics teammates resented the fact that Allen left to sign with the Heat, a feeling KG apparently shared. 

KG’s Twitter account was too beautiful to live, though. Just before the start of his first season in Brooklyn, he sent his final tweet.

This has been an NBA season for the ages but imagine how much better the playoffs would be if KG was tweeting smack about his old rivals? Kevin, if you’re reading, here are instructions to recover your password.