8-year-old drove his dad's van to McDonald's because he wanted a cheeseburger

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We've all had those moments when the craving for greasy, unhealthy, yet delicious, fast food hits and you make it your life's mission to get to the Golden Arches in any way possible.

This happens to people of all ages, as proven by an 8-year-old boy from East Palestine, Ohio. The young lad had such a hankering for a cheeseburger last Sunday that he grabbed his 4-year-old sister and hopped in his father's van to procure some cheeseburgers.

According to the Weirton Daily Times, the siblings' parents were both sleeping when the craving for Mickie D's hit. The adventurous daredevil took his father's keys and, according to witnesses, drove nearly a mile and a half without any incident or injuries before reaching his destination. Witnesses said the boy stopped for all red lights and even let traffic pass before hanging a left into the McDonald's parking lot. How was an 8-year-old able to pull this off? According to him, he got his skills behind the wheel by watching YouTube videos.

Once they arrived at the establishment, workers called the police when they realized the two children were there sans adults. The brother and sister then enjoyed their burgers, chicken nuggets and fries before police arrived to investigate the situation.