Friday's Hot Clicks: Lindsey Pelas; New York tabloids pile on Eli Manning

In today's Hot Clicks, we look at Eli Manning's memorabilia scandal and a Q&A with the great Lindsey Pelas.
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E-Lie Cheats is a popular headline


Eli Manning's squeaky clean image isn't so squeaky clean anymore. According to the New York Post, Eli defrauded collectors by pawning off phony game-worn gear as authentic. This came to light when Manning turned over old emails as part of a lawsuit by three memorabilia collectors. Manning's lawyers fired back and said the emails were taken out of context but it's pretty black and white. SI's legal expert Michael McCann has a good piece looking at what's next in Memorabiliagate.

Sisqo makes Thong Song parody for LeBron to win MVP

I have no idea what inspired Sisqo to come out of hiding and create a Thong Song parody advocating LeBron James for MVP, but I'm not going to argue. Speaking of Sisqo, let me tell you a quick story. I was at a piano bar in Buckhead in late 1999 and they started playing Thong Song. Suddenly, a dozen girls from a bachelorette party jumped on stage, turned their back to the crowd and hiked up their skirts to reveal their thongs. It was a Top 10 moment of my life. Atlanta rules.

This petition won't do anything but I already signed it

Cavs fans started a petition for Tristan Thompson to dump Khloe Kardashian.

Lovely Lady of the Day

Lindsay Pelas remains the most popular LLOD of all time. She gets more traffic and more reader requests than anyone else. Being a professional journalist, I reached out to Lindsay for a quick Q&A. I also suggest checking out the photos.

Where did you grow up? What were you like in high school? 

I grew up in a small town in Louisiana called Loranger. It was a rural dairy farm town about as country and southern as it gets. In high school I was really active and friends with everyone. I was class treasurer, president of the Spanish Club, voted Most Ambitious, etc.. I was always a go-getter, but there was a hint of class clown about me. People from my class are not surprised at all about me now. I’m still friends with them which is the best part! But they’ve always kind of believed in me and my dreamer ways and fully expected me to do something like this.

Are you surprised at how famous you’ve gotten?

Famous is such a flattering word but I don’t think I’m famous. I probably never will. I am surprised at how visible to the world I’ve become if anything. It’s such a trip to travel, especially internationally, and be recognized! It’s insane.

Are you flattered so many guys hit on you through social media or does it get annoying?

It is always flattering to get hit on! Always! I am so appreciative of compliments and that men are interested in me, it’s really nice. The only way it would get annoying is if someone is rude or demeaning when they ‘hit on’ me. I absolutely hate negging, too. So hitting on me with a neg is a sure-fire way I’ll dislike you.

You don’t need to name names, but are athletes and celebs sliding into your DMs? Is that weird?

They are! It’s more cool than weird! It’s funny, though, because most of the time it goes nowhere. We’ll exchange numbers and a few texts but I find most celebs and athletes are looking for something shallow. I’m still really traditional and maybe a little bit southern with dating. I like dinner dates and relationships before intimacy, so most of these DMs are a waste. I guess that can be LA in general though… ha ha.

Lastly, you are the most successful LLOD in Hot Clicks history (this is true. You get more traffic than anyone else). Any message to your Hot Clicks fans?

That’s so sick!!! I guess my message would be “Hey and thank you so much for the love and the likes. I’m beyond flattered and I wish I could meet every one of you. Also… this is just the beginning!”

​Happy Easter. Don't eat Peeps Pizza.

Enjoy your holiday weekend. Drive safe. And stay the hell away from pizza with Peeps on it.

Dog party on the roof!

If you own dogs, make sure the screens on your window are secure.

Because it's the playoffs

Junior gets a statue

Hate when that happens

Need new running shoes?

We love when Nike stuff goes on sale and we know you do too. has a 25% off sale for select apparel and shoes (plus free shipping over $99) that ends on Saturday. The sale includes some of our favorites for running, including the new Nike LunarEpic Low Flyknit 2

Odds & ends

Martellus Bennett had a great quote about Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers ... Nothing but respect for Moe Harkless and his three-point shooting percentage bonus Eight great tech gifts for the new grad in your life ... One day in my lifetime, Chris Webber and Jalen Rose will kiss and make up ... This is the best dog video you'll see all day ... This headline will grab your attention ... It seems like everyone uses Spotify, yet the company isn't doing well ... I wouldn't pay to see the Friends musical, but would definitely go if I got a free ticket ... Dave Chappelle paid tribute to Charlie Murphy while on stage at a John Mayer concert.

LeBron James' MVP chances just went way up

If only David Tyree didn't catch that pass...

It's okay to miss a shot

Good news for #RallyCat

Happy Friday. Enjoy your weekend!

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