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Stephen A. Smith lost his mind on "First Take" while ripping Phil Jackson to shreds

Five "disgraces," three orders to "get the hell out of New York City," two "disgraces" and one "embarrassment."

Those were the final tallies during Stephen A. Smith's disturbing, three-minute over-the-top rant about Knicks President, Phil Jackson, on Monday.

The First Take host also called for the people of New York to protest Madison Square Garden until Knicks owner James Dolan fires Jackson.

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Smith also acted like he cracked some mysterious code when he revealed that the reason Jackson won't quit his job running the Knick is because -- wait for it, because you won't believe this -- he doesn't want to walk away from the $24 million he's owed over the next two years. Shocking! 

Honestly, how anyone can watch First Take is an absolute mystery and miracle at the same time, but to each their own. Watch the above clip of Smith ranting at your own risk. If you'd like to hear a much better rant about Jackson, however, listen to WFAN's Mike Francesa lay the smackdown in a much more tolerable way.