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Traina Thoughts: Browns even mocked over schedule release; Week 1 NFL lines; more

Twitter savages Browns over schedule release; Week 1 NFL lines; more: Traina Thoughts

1. When you're the Cleveland Browns, even the release of the upcoming season's schedule becomes a rough day. To say optimism isn't something that's associated with the Browns would be a gross understatement. Twitter was absolutely savage in mocking the Browns while the team's opponents were revealed for the 2017 season.

However, we did find one Browns fan with a bright outlook.

Cleveland offensive lineman Joe Thomas also has big expectations for the upcoming campaign.

2. When it comes to betting, it’s never too early to scout. With the NFL releasing the 2017 schedule Thursday night, has already posted lines for the Week 1 matchups. Yes, we still have to get through the draft and rosters aren’t set and the inevitable preseason injuries haven’t taken place yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t handicap a little bit. 

Patriots -7 vs. Chiefs
Dolphins -2.5 vs. Buccaneers
Steelers -8.5 vs. Browns
Bills. -5.5 vs. Jets
Texans -4 vs. Jaguars
Redskins -2.5 vs. Eagles
Lions -3 vs. Cardinals
Benagls -1.5 vs. Ravens
Titans -1 vs. Raiders
Falcons -6 vs. Bears
Colts vs. Rams
Packers vs. Seahawks
Panthers -4 at 49ers
Cowboys -5.5 vs. Giants
Vikings -3.5 vs. Saints
Broncos -3.5 vs. Chargers

3. LeBron James had a monster game (41 points, 12 rebounds, 12 assists) while leading the Cavaliers back from a 26-point deficit against the Pacers Thursday night. In his postgame press conference, though, James was more than happy to opine on his good friend, Kendrick Lamar

4. Jimmy Kimmel celebrated 4/20 by playing an old Magic Johnson PSA about drugs and then asked the Lakers legend if he's ever smoked weed.

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5. Clean it up, ESPN. Reporter Sam Alipour let an expletive fly on live TV this morning.

6. Here is Kate Upton's full Lip-Sync Battle performance of Britney Spears' iconic Hit Me Baby One More Time.

7. For my fellow Mike and the Mad Dog fans out there, Deadspin has done a must-see piece on the controversy surrounding the duo's show after 9/11. 

8. It was one year ago today that we were shocked by the sudden death of Prince. To mark the occasion, here is his memorable performance of Purple Rain from Super Bowl XLI

9. THE DAILY ROCK: If you missed this when it was released six months ago, take the 10 minutes at some point this weekend to listen to The Rock do commentary on his first-ever WWE match when he was known as Rocky Maivia.