Monday's Hot Clicks: Prestin Obradovich; Memphis fan busts out worst dab of all time

A look at the worst dab in sports history and check out the lovely Prestin Obradovich.
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The NBA playoffs are getting weird


There were four NBA games on Sunday (go here for actual analysis) and plenty of weirdness. Robin Lopez and Jae Crowder had a strange shoe incident you need to see to believe... The Rockets intentionally fouled Andre Robersonand their bench laughed at his missed free throws ...J.R. Smith nearly blew the game for Cleveland with a bad behind-the-back pass ... Kyrie Irving does not like pink flamingos ... Fred Hoiberg and Russell Westbrook were on fire in their postgame press conferences ... This is the worst dab in sports history (I know it's from Saturday but still important).

Tom Brady exposed?

The Boston Globe had an expose about Tom Brady and his charity work. I don't entirely understand it all but I believe the issue is Brady raised a bunch of money ($46.5 million since 2001) for Best Buddies, and was paid around $3 million for said work. Instead of accepting payment, however, Brady had the money donated to his personal charity, Change the World. Our legal expert Michael McCann has a good breakdown of the situation.

12-year-old set to make MMA debut

Japanese MMA is a bit different than the American version.

Lovely Lady of the Day

It's been over six months since I featured Prestin Obradovich as LLOD and that's way too long. She gets today's honors (click for full-size gallery). 

Such a bad tattoo

Some athletes have a chip on their shoulder. Not all have a bad tattoo to prove it.

Hash browns can be dangerous

A brand of hash browns has been recalled due to golf ball contamination. Seriously.

Wouldn't want to get on Kate Middleton's bad side

The T-shirt toss has come a long way

Madison Bumgarner should stay off dirt bikes 


Odds & ends

Watch as a London Marathon runner carries a struggling competitor to the finish line ... Speaking of marathons, this guy got caught cheating in Boston... I'm excited for the cargo shorts retirement party at Georgetown this weekend ... Please make fun of any Maryland grads for this sad showing ... Jim Harbaugh is enjoying his trip to Italy ... An Illinois college student was killed by an errant hammer throw ... Not everyone is into the idea of Jose Fernandez getting his own statue .... Stephon Marbury's contract was terminated by his Chinese League Team ... British local news is the best local news ... The top 25 food moments from Seinfeld ... Balki and Larry of Perfect Stangers fame had a reunion ...​Five action-adventure shows you should be watching ... The best photos from Coachella 2017.

Messi is really good

John Cena celebrates the big 4-0

Bowler sets world record for fastest 300 game

Brookyn Decker plays 'Did Chrissy Teigen Tweet That?'

Grateful Dead and Phish guitarist cover Lady Gaga

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