Mick Foley shows off his gruesome scar from hip replacement surgery

Mick Foley has paid a heavy price for all those big bumps. 
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Mick Foley is only 51, but he’s taken enough brutal bumps for several lifetimes. So in perhaps the least surprising development in wrestling history, Foley went under the knife last week for a hip replacement—and he’s got the grisly scar to prove it. 

Before you scroll down any farther, bear in mind that this photo was taken just five days after Foley’s surgery. It’s pretty gross, but it shows you just how tough Foley still is.

• The tooth Mick Foley lost in his brutal HIAC match flew out of his mouth during Raw

Five days after having his hip replaced and he’s already up moving around? Of course he is—this is the guy that fell through the top of a steel cage and kept going like nothing had happened.