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Runner apologizes for taking extra Boston Marathon medal for his wife

A man who took a second medal for his wife after running the Boston Marathon has apologized.

A man who ran the Boston Marathon has apologized for taking an extra medal after completing his 26.2 mile race last Monday, he tells's Derek Murphy.

The runner, who was running for a charity that supports victims from the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings, took the second medal after crossing the finish line on Boylston Street and then shared an Instagram picture with his wife.

The caption read: "Today was hard, didn't go as planned but I finished. With the unexpected extra time I thought aboit this beautiful woman and how she deserved her own medal. Training was just as much work for her as it was for me. It's not easy for me to say "hey, I know I've barely been home all week and haven't woken up with the baby once, but on Saturday I need to do a 2+ hour run." Her response was always one of support. So when I crossed the finish line I took two medals. We both deserved one."

The running community did not appreciate him taking one of the main rewards that a runner gets for putting their body through hours of pain.

On Monday, Murphy published an apology that he received from the runner.

"I am embarrassed and ashamed at my actions," he wrote. "I have returned the medal to the BAA with a donation to cover any additional costs my selfish actions caused and a letter of apology."

"I selfishly accepted a 2nd medal when it was presented to me, as I reunited with my twin sons and had given one of them my first medal," he added. "In the moment I had the foolish and selfish thought I could use this medal to honor and thank my wife. I was not thinking and am beyond embarrassed that I did this. I certainly did not think through the unintended consequences of what taking a 2nd medal could have. It is against the spirit of the Marathon, the spirit of what I stand for and most devastatingly the spirit of the incredible stepping strong foundation. I have been blown away by the Reny family and inspired by their courage, and efforts to promote healing and recovery for those who suffer trauma in their lives. The very last thing I want is to take away from them and their efforts. I know there has been speculation that I did not hit my fundraising target, I received the remaining $6.5k from private checks and am told it takes a few weeks for the website to be undated. It was an honor to run and fund-raise for such a wonderful cause."