Traina Thoughts: Kobe's poem about Urkel; Matt Harvey-Adriana Lima going strong; more

Kobe Bryant reads slam poem about Steve Urkel; Matt Harvey-Adriana Lima going strong; Traina Thoughts
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1. Kobe Bryant appeared on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon Monday and answered questions from an SI Kids reporter before performing an intense and heartfelt slam poem about Steve Urkel from Family Matters.

2. Mets pitcher Matt Harvey and supermodel Adriana Lima​ are still going strong if this photo from Saturday's Andre Berto-Shawn Porter fight at the Barclay's Center is any indication. Obviously, nothing says romance like two grown men beating the hell out of each other.


3. Awful Announcing gets you prepared for Thursday's NFL Draft by looking at Mel Kiper's 10 biggest blunders.

4. Deadspin has a long story about Patriots' owner Robert Kraft having some casino holdings, but the juiciest part of the piece, in my opinion, is about Kraft allegedly getting the story, which was supposed to run in the New York Post, killed. In fact, there are several interesting nuggets about how the media works and doesn't work when it comes to the NFL and the Patriots.

5. It can't be long before CM Punk is back in the WWE. After losing his only UFC fight, the former WWE superstar is set to star in MTV's Champs vs. Pros, which sounds similar to the network's "Challenge" series. 

6. Cubs pitcher Brett Anderson had an adventerous night on the mound Monday.

7. After Russell Westbrook's dust up with a reporter on Sunday, I put together this piece on 10 Awkward and Heated Athlete-Reporter Confrontations We'll Never Forget. Some fine readers have tweeted me to chide me for leaving out Jim Rome vs. Jim Everett. My reason for the omission is that everyone has seen Rome-Everett a million times and it's played out by now. I wanted to focus on some of the battles you may not be overly familiar with.

8. What would it look like if the popular FaceApp was used to alter the look of some popular athletes during memorable moments? Here is your answer.  

​9. Many WWE fans know that Shaquille O'Neal was supposed to wrestle The Big Show at WrestleMania earlier this month. However, the match never came to fruition. Shaq now reveals what happened and who is to blame.  

10. THE DAILY ROCK: This promo from the early Rock and Sock connection days is an absolute tour de force from the The Rock, who drops all his catchphrases, puts a shirt on Michael Cole's face and shows us what it looks like when The Great one talks in his sleep.

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