Does Patrick Beverley really think Miller Lite isn’t cheap?

Patrick Beverley is from Chicago, which might explain this. 
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Patrick Beverley’s friends must love picking up his bar tab. 

The Rockets are selling dollar beers for an hour before Tuesday’s game against the Thunder in an attempt to lure the crowd into the arena on time. Beverley is a fan of the idea, but he’s struggling to wrap his head around the economics of it. 

“It’s gotta be cheap,” Beverley told reporters Tuesday morning. “Ain’t no Miller Lite for no dollar.”

Wait, what? He thinks it’s something cheap as opposed to Miller Lite? What does he usually pay for a Miller Lite?

Beverley is from Chicago, where Miller Lite reigns supreme among cheap beers and is the official beer of the Bears. That explains any irrational love Beverley has the original light beer, but not his confusion over the price. 

Houston bartenders: Feel free to charge Beverley New York prices for a bottle of Miller Lite.