Before he took MLB by storm, Eric Thames had a delightful home run song in Korea

Eric Thames was so beloved in Korea that fans called him “God.”
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Eric Thames is off to such a blistering start that he’s been drug tested twice in the past two weeks. That’s probably because people don’t realize his numbers were so otherworldy in Korea that fans simply called him “God.”

Thames smacked so many dingers (124 in 390 games) that his team gave him his own home run theme song, and it was utterly delightful. It’s this weird mix of modern electronic music and a John Philip Souza-esque brass melody. The lyrics are pretty simple, which makes it perfect for singing along: “Eric Thames, let it fly/Eric Thames, let it fly/Eric Thames, home run.”

This is absolutely something we should have in the U.S. If hockey teams can have their own goal songs (sometimes even personalized for each player), why can’t each team’s big slugger have his own celebratory dinger song?