Andrei Kirilenko looks like a Bond villain now

From Russia With Love
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The evolution of Andrei Kirilenko’s hair is really quite something. He came into the NBA sporting a military-style buzzcut that gave him a bit of an Ivan Drago vibe. He later fell victim to the mid-2000’s frosted tips scourge. In the latter part of his career, he went with what can really only be described as a bob.

Now that he’s president of the Russian basketball federation, AK47 is really leaning into his role as a powerful sportocrat—he looks like supervillain.

Imagine having to negotiate against him, looking across the table as Kirilenko—with his slicked hair and thin-lipped smirk—peer at you from behind rimless glasses. He has the look of a man more suited to oversee international arms deals than haggle over where basketball games are played. This is clearly just the first step on his plan to world domination.