Someone pranked Mike Francesa by asking where Matt Saracen will get drafted

Mike Francesa pranked with excellent Friday Night Lights reference
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We have to give the latest prank caller to Mike Francesa's New York radio show credit for originality.

A few hours before the NFL Draft, the rascal phoned in to ask the WFAN host where Matt Saracen would get selected.

"This kid Matt Saracen from one of the Texas schools. He doesn't have the biggest arm, he's not so athletic, but he makes the smart plays, he's accurate. What do you think?"

"What school? I don't remembah him," Francesa replied.

The caller got in a few more Friday Night Light references before a producer told Francesa he was being pranked, which, of course, led to the Sports Pope saying he "can't be trapped on a made-up player."

All we can hope for at this point is that someone eventually calls Francesa and instead of saying, "Long time, first time," they drop a "Clear eyes, full hearts, cant' lose."