The house from that WWE segment everyone hated can be yours for just $36,000

The match was a disappointment, but at least we found this good real estate deal. 
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WWE tried something unusual with Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt’s match at “Payback” on Sunday night, and all the fans hated it. 

The gimmick was a “House of Horrors” match where Orton and Wyatt would start fighting in the eponymous house before settling the match in the ring. WWE tried to pass off the segment as “live” even though it was still daylight in San Jose, where the event was taking place, and pitch-black at Bray’s house.

It might not have been a great match, but at least it turned us on to a great real estate deal. One Reddit user managed to find the house used in the segment, and it turns out it’s for sale for just $36,000. 

It’s 39115 Business 10 Highway in Richmond, Missouri, and you can see the listing right here. It could use a little bit of work but it’s not as spooky as WWE made it out to be. The outbuildings in the back are way creepier and would have made a better setting for the match.


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While the kayfabe house was a 20-minute drive from the arena in San Jose, the real house is about 45 minutes from the Sprint Center in Kansas City, where Raw was filmed on April 24.