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Charles Barkley discovers churros, 'apologizes' to women of San Antonio

Charles Barkley discovers churros, apologizes to women on San Antonio

It started out as a heartfelt apology from Charles Barkley, but things quickly went off the rails.

The Inside the NBA analyst has been insulting the size of San Antonio women for years.

In fact, he's done it so much there's a 10-minute compilation on YouTube of Barkley making jokes about the "big ol' women" of San Antonio and offering his theory that churros are to blame.


Barkley attempted to legitmately apologize on Monday, but it didn't quite turn out that way.

"I want to apologize to the women of San Antonio," Barkley stated.

"What happened to prompt this?" asked host Ernie Johnson.

"Ernie, I had churros last night," Barkley said as Shaquille O'Neal walked off the stage in laughter. "I see what all the excitement is about!"

However, Barkley did not leave well enough alone. He continued to profess his love of the fried dough treat, saying, "Them damn things are good, Ernie. I see why they got all them big ol' women down in San Antonio. Them churros are the BOMB!"

Barkley repeated that he wanted to apologize to the women of San Antonio, but, obviously his execution left a lot to be desired.