You gotta think fast!

By Dan Gartland and Extra Mustard
May 02, 2017

Baseball is a series of split-second decisions, and so is being a baseball fan. 

The latest craze at Marlins Park is diving into the leftfield pool to retrieve home run balls. Some guy plunged in after a Giancarlo Stanton dinger a few weeks ago and a few fans hopped in on Monday night in search of a Marcel Ozuna shot. 

The video above doesn’t really do it justice. In this other angle you see the guy in the jeans in perfect position to bring home the souvenir, but he pauses to take his phone out of his pocket and strip off his shirt. Those extra few seconds spent gathering himself cost him dearly. 

Let this be a lesson: If you want to leave the ballpark with a home run ball, you better bring a change of clothes—and have quick reflexes. 

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