Friday's Hot Clicks: Priscilla Ortiz; Allen Iverson's famous 'practice' rant turns 15

In Friday's Hot Clicks,Allen Iverson's 'practice' rant turns 15, plus a look at the lovely Priscilla Ortiz.
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We're still talkin' about practice


Sunday marks the 15-year anniversary of Allen Iverson's famous practice rant. Since then, the rant has been referenced in rap songs, books and even a trademark registration ruling. To celebrate this important anniversary, we created a timeline of references to the legendary press conference. Enjoy!

10 most profane rants in baseball history

I have a theory: Swearing makes everything a little better. Of course, I don't have kids so I don't have to worry about my four-year-old dropping an f-bomb at his teacher. Anyhow, we collected the 10 most profane rants in baseball history and I think it proves my theory.

Meet Braydon, Braydan, Braeden, Bradens and Brayden

This was a popular name in 2002 Canada, as evidence by the Western Hockey League draft.

Lovely Lady of the Day

As a Red Sox fan, I've had a big Ortiz void in my life since Big Papi retired at the end of last season. Thankfully, Priscilla Ortiz is here to fill the void. She is today's LLOD (click for full-size gallery). 

Ranking Rocky Balboa's opponents

This is so great, but I pity the fool who put Clubber Lang No. 5 on the list.

All grown up

I love Ariel Winter, the nerdy girl from Modern Family. She wears the most revealing outfits and doesn't care what anyone thinks. More people should be like her.

Lonzo Ball releases sneaker, everyone goes nuts

Lonzo Ball's signature sneaker dropped yesterday and Twitter went absolutely nuts. Some bristled at the $500 price tag for the signature shoe bus as and Michael Bennett explain, it's not that outrageous a price. Chad Johnson, who will take any attention he can get, went on Twitter to declare that he's ordering a pair. I love this cartoon by Jim Thompson.


Want this jersey!

Old MJ meets young LeBron

Here’s a Mother’s Day gift idea for you

Mother’s Day is May 14 and we know most of you have not bought a gift for Mom yet. Here’s a gift idea for you: Coach has a whole section of gifts for the sporty mom (or the trendsetter or super mom in your life) and you can get free shipping and delivery by Mother’s Day if you order by May 11. We suggest these trendy leather low-top sneakers, these floral printed Apple watch bands and this classic cross-body clutch. There’s also this super cool leather baseball glove—who knew Coach made baseball gloves?—available in 10 colors, including pink, red and turquoise.

Odds & ends

Reince Priebus dropped a truly terrible sports analogy while explaining the AHCA ... Yesterday was May the 4thand there were plenty of Star Wars posts from the sports world ... The NFL's fastest player may race the MLB's fastest player for charity  ... Six takes on the amazing Kelly Olynyk–Kelly Oubre altercation last night (video is below) ... The Simpsons will soon welcomeShaquille O'Neal to Springfield ... TIL beer can be a better pain reliever than Tylenol.

Celtics and Wizards do not like each other

Leonard Fournette's mom gets a new car

The NFL could use a trick kicker

More fun SI Swimsuit open casting videos

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