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Reince Priebus’s sports analogy wasn’t as bad as it seemed

Reince Priebus isn’t as bad of a football fan as it seems. 

UPDATE: It turns out Priebus didn’t say “punt,” he said “punch.” So the metaphor isn’t inaccurate, just a little cliché. 

The original post is below.

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The House passed a bill to replace the Affordable Care Act on Thursday.

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This has long been a mission of President Trump, so, naturally, White House Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus, was happy with the news. In explaining Trump's role in getting the bill passed, Priebus decided to go with a sports analogy. Did he say Trump scored a touchdown? No. Did he say Trump kicked the ball right through the uprights? No. Unfortunately for Priebus, his line made no sense in the context of football.

No, no, no. Rarely is the goal to kick the ball into the end zone. Unless a team is rushing 12 and the punter just needs to make sure his kick isn't blocked, it's never a good thing when you punt into the end zone. 

• Quiz: Who tweeted it -- Donald Trump or Jose Canseco?

Twitter quickly picked up on the blunder and did what it does best.

We're sure Trump will be unfazed by this, however, since he hates the NFL*.

* But not the Patriots.